We are common people of India who want to save our incredible Heritage of Buddhist India.  We are peace loving people who wish to carry out this Mission of BLISS  and we are not affiliated to any of the Political or Social groups or parties. But the Mission is for all.

Indian Culture and History Awakening Mission
(Historical awakening to carry forward Babasaheb’s dhamma chariot)

  • Celebrating Ashoka Jayanti with the people of all the religions, in the form of  the Greatest King of India, by taking out procession, with the symbols of  National Flag and Emblem, with dance and great rejoice.
  • Distribute pamphlets of the information of Ashoka’s work in the programs of all the religions.
  • Conduct Vandana  at Leni-Stupa on the days of Rangpanchami (Holi), Mahashivratri, Gurupurnima, Gokulashtami etc. Distribute the pamphlets of history of Leni-Stupa to all religion people.
  • To erect the ‘Vijay Stambh’ of gallant history on 1st January in our area.
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